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The Breast Cancer Awareness Choir is established in 2008, by Pinar Ayhan, who is a well-known performer musician and story-teller, as well as being an activist on social responsibility projects on breast cancer and mentally handicapped children. Since the beginning, the choir is conducted by Mrs. Cihan Can, who believes that “all women can and should sing”. This choir is composed of almost fifty-five strong and courageous women, who had faced and survived from breast cancer throughout their lives. Initially, the purpose of this choir was to spread the message on the importance of early diagnosis in breast cancer. Eventually, the mission of this choir extended to include both creating awareness on early diagnosis for increased survival and to emphasize the impact of the breast reconstruction in patients with mastectomy and increased quality of life by the power of breast reconstruction. Prof. Dr. Deniz Yamaç, a specialist in Medical Oncology, and Prof. Dr. Sühan Ayhan, specialist in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, is contributing to the choir with both their academic and musical aspects.

The Awareness Choir has been invited to numerous TV shows in various TV Channels and nationwide activities in special occasions, such as Breast Cancer Weeks, Breast Reconstruction Awareness Days (BRA-Days) in order to increase the consciousness in the community about breast cancer and breast reconstruction, by using the power of music. 

The performances by The Awareness Choir include:

  • concerts in choral festivals, such as Annual Turkish Choir Festivals(since 2008) organized by Turkish Society of Polyphonic Choirs; “The Singing World” International Choral Festivalin Russia (2015) and Istra Music Festivalin Croatia (2016). The Awareness Choir received many awards in these festivals.

  • activities for breast cancer awareness, organized by companies, societies, universities and non-governmental organizations, such as “Globathone March”,Avon Festival, Pink Festival, annual scientific meetings of Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, Turkish Society of Medical Oncology, Turkish Federation of Women Societies, etc.


The Breast Cancer Awareness Choir is a unique project choir worldwide, which aims to reach as many women and to raise awareness on the community about breast cancer and breast reconstruction, by using the power of music, therefore breaking the walls between the patients and healthcare providers. The choir targets to be involved in various projects, activities, performances, programs about breast cancer.


Project Coordinator: Pinar Ayhan

Baha Müzik Yapım Organizasyon

Phone: +90 532 654 74 43


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